boogers all over and eating scabs

Yeah, I said boogers. I subbed this morning. I saw more disgusting things this morning than I have in a long time. I have a newfound respect for teachers. And I only subbed for a couple hours.

It was a great break from the job I got almost as soon as I came home. I’ve been working full-time at Starbucks for about two months now. Don’t get me wrong, I love it there. The people I work with are wonderful, we have really nice regulars, it almost feels like a little community. But it was really nice working with kids, it had been a while.

Something hit me while I was subbing at this Christian school. There was a sign in the stairwell, it had a picture of a sad face a picture of a happy face. The sad face was before Jesus, the happy face was after Jesus. It really stuck with me, and bothered me. I have had some tough moments in my 27 years. I know that through all of them, whether I invited him or not, Jesus was there and sad with me. But even after I had invited him into my life, I didn’t always feel him there. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. I feel that picture is telling Jesus that if you are sad, you can’t really have Jesus in your life. I know its not the intention of the poster to say that. But it just didn’t sit right with me. I thought of kids I know that have serious things to be upset about: dead parents, divorced parents, step-parents that leave. Kids don’t always know how to process those things, sometimes things just hurt. What is that poster saying to them? How much more does showing love to those kids communicate Jesus’s love them, even if they act out? Even if they eat their scabs? I don’t know that particular boys story, but I just hope I was able to communicate Jesus’s unfailing love to a child.


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