metro – costa rica

A friend told me the other day that he does not want to finish the book he is reading. Because I love to read (my family is now laughing at that vast understatement), I understood why right away. When you finish the book, you have to say goodbye to these characters that you’ve spent hours connecting with. I’m the type that gets so very attached, and they are just words on a page.

There are two weeks left to the Children at Risk School. This means that I’m going through the pain of realizing that this book called Metro Ministries Costa Rica is over for me.  Pray with me that God sends me back here, as I have grown so attached to these children.

PS- I’m finishing up a newsletter, so be ready for a good read!

One more thing- Props to Pablo, the photographer. If you wanna check out more of his work here is the link:


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