God used his wisdom and power to create the earth and spread out the heavens. The waters in the heavens roar at his command. He makes clouds appear; he sends the wind from his storehouse and makes lightning flash in the rain. People who make idols are stupid! They will be disappointed, because their false gods cannot breathe. Idols are merely a joke, and when the time is right,  they will be destroyed. But the LORD, Israel’s God, is all-powerful. He created everything, and he chose Israel to be his very own.” Jeremiah 51:15-19

I was reading this in the morning, it brought me to think about how big God is. How powerful he is. And yet- he thinks about me. Over and over again, the Bible tells about how God delights in his people. In me. I know that in my nature I’m not worthy. This is why I get so overwhelmed by my powerful, loving God.


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