…changes.. …not just a 2pac song….

It’s raining. again. Welcome to San Jose! Sorry, am I confusing you? Last thing you read- I was chilling in Jaco, have a great time, learning to surf! Now I’m talking about San Jose’s rain! What’s the deal?

Yesterday I packed up my things and moved to San Jose. I am so excited to be here (despite the rain) to help my friends Rachel and Renate with their ministries! Before I came to Costa Rica I was invited to staff the Children at Risk School here in July. I have been praying about it since I before I graduated from my school and last week I felt it was time for me to come out to San Jose and help Rachel with the remaining few details that needed to be completed to prep for the school. I also am excited to help my friend Renate with Metro Ministries, as she does not have much staff committed to going to Los Castores with her.

So, the last two days have been a bit of a blur of school prep, and figuring out schedules and trying to readjust to living on a YWAM base. It’s been busy, but I feel very much at peace about being here. PS- Thank you Davey (my surf teacher) for coming to San Jose with me. It really helped me adjust to being here. Have a safe bus ride home tonight! Gracias a Davey (mi maestro de surf) para yendo a San Jose conmigo, me ayuda para adjustir de estar aqui. Que tengas una viaje segura de regresar a casa.

Ok, here are some pictures that will show you the ministry I helped get rolling in Jaco. It was some very fun times and I already miss the Freemans, Lisa and Liz SO much!


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