Feliz Cumple!

For the non-Spanish speakers, feliz cumple is slang for happy birthday.

This past weekend I got to do something super fun. I went to a birthday party for kids a little neighborhood in San Jose, Costa Rica. We celebrated all of the kids who have birthdays in January through April. It was so fun. We gave them party hats, sang songs, did a skit with them and then I did some face painting and my friends played games with them. The kids who had birthdays got coloring books, or bubbles or soccer balls (depending on age).

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How did I end up at a birthday party for kids from a barrio in San Jose? For the past two weeks I’ve been staying at the YWAM base in San Jose, helping MetroMinistries, visiting two barrios in San Jose, and doing programs with them. I’ve also been studying Spanish. He aprendido mucho (I’ve learned alot)! It’s been a wonderful couple weeks, but I’m super excited to get back to Jaco, the beach town I was in before I came to San Jose, and I’ll be living for the next few months! It’s alot hotter, but it feels more like home.

Please please please- pray for me!!

  1. Wisdom. I have applied to do an internship with International Justice Mission in the Philippines. I am praying two options: *doing this internship that starts in September, or *staffing the Children At Risk School here in San Jose in July, and maybe even the school in Tijuana in January.
  2. I try to not write too much in my blog about this since I have a whole page about it on this site  (Join Team Bing), but I have a big financial need. I lost a supporter this year. My financial situation is suffering greatly, but I know that God will provide for me.

Thanks so much to my amazing support team- Team Bing, for providing for me to be here in Costa Rica, and for praying for me. I could not be here without you.


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