Settled in

We’ve been here less than a week and yet Jaco, Costa Rica already feels a lot like home. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the video of our (Lisa Postma, Liz Moss and I) home, but here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smeJCeCLGU4&feature=player_embedded . And yeah, here’s some pictures too:

So what am I doing in Jaco?

Here in Jaco, at Radical Life Church, we have the amazing opportunity to host the Women and Children’s Advocacy Center (WCAC). They are putting on a “taster” Celebrating Children Seminar for one week (it’s usually three weeks long) and they are teaching us how to run the seminar. At the end of next week I, Robbie (Roberta aqui porque es mas facil por mis amigos que hablan espanol- Roberta here because its easier for my friends that speak spanish) will be trained as Celebrating Children Seminar Facilitator. So if anyone wants a three week seminar about how to do kids ministry, call me! Just kidding. Kind of. We are hoping to help our friends, the Freemans, to run the seminar here in Jaco, but not as a three week long thing, because so many people work fulltime. Maybe as a weekly or even monthly Bible study type event over the course of a few months to a year.

Whats next?

Well, no hablo mucho espanol (I dont speak much spanish). So after seminar training, I’m going to study spanish in San Jose, Costa Rica. That will take up my mornings for two weeks, and in the afternoons I will be helping out with the kids ministry there, called Metro Ministry. I’m super excited to see how they do ministry, and to spend time with the girl that runs the program. I’m hoping to see if there is anything I learn from them that can be incorporated into a kids program in Zona Norte, Tijuana.

What can you pray for?

INTERNET! We need to figure out how to get internet where we are staying. There are places with WIFI, but you have to pay for something eat or drink to use it, so we are hoping it will be cheaper to just get internet at our studio apartment.

DO – RAY – ME. Team Bing has shrunk. I had made a budget based on what I had been receiving while I was staff in Tijuana, but one of my financial supporters seems to have stopped supporting me. So, I thought that I would have enough monthly to cover expenses, but it looks like I may be coming up short. Please pray that God moves someone to join the financial part of Team Bing.

WISDOM. I am praying about how long I will be here in Jaco. I may leave in June to staff the Children at Risk School (the YWAM school I just finished) in San Jose, Costa Rica and most likely moving back to Tijuana afterwards. The other option would be going home mid-August and possibly movin to the Philippines in September.


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