attachment disorder half the week, refugees the other half

This week we had two speakers, on two different topics. The first half of the week we had one of our staff members, Lenneke speak about Attachment Disorder. The rest of the week we had Phil Gazley speak about Refugees.

I didn’t realized that the more than half of the world lived in cities.This lead to something that Phil said, that really hit me. He challenged us that the new frontier mission field was cities. I have been working with a mission organization that builds homes for people who live in suburbs, and yet I think of mission work and my heart immediate goes out to the unreached in remote locations. Yes, they need the gospel too, but there are so many people in cities that need people to reach out to them as well.

This was the last week of Local Outreach! It was so sad, to realize that I may never see these kids again. I really connected with some of them. Especially Diana and her brother Poncho. Waving goodbye to them when they walked away was so hard. These are beautiful children that are growing up in one of the toughest cities in the world, in the most at risk neighborhood. I loved being able to spend a few hours a week with these kids, trying to impart good morals into them, and building relationships. It made me want to stay here and keep up those relationships. During those ministry times, along with the prayer nights on Wednesday nights I’ve begun to love Tijuana, especially Zona Norte, more and more. I can’t believe I’m leaving. I am definitely going to pray about coming back to Tijuana to do ministry in Zona Norte.

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So, it’s the last week of school. How does my life look this week? I’m getting ready for outreach in Costa Rica (I leave April 5th), I need to get contact lenses and all kinds of other things! I am so excited.

Well, in case you forgot who was going to Costa Rica with me, here is another picture!


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