urban ministry

Exodus 22: 21

You must not wrong a foreigner nor oppress him, for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt.

Does the Bible have practical application? …hmm lets think about this. Who is the “foreigner” that American’s see on a daily basis? I’ll give you a hint, my speaker this week was from Arizona. She is a big advocate for immigration policy reform. (A little more about our speaker: her name is Kit Danley, she and her husband founded a ministry to help low – income youth.)

Were you thinking about Mexicans? If you so you get an A+ for the day.

This concept in the Bible, where it calls us to help the “foreigner”, and how undocumented Mexicans are foreigners in the USA, really challenged me.  I’m not a super political person, and honestly I’ve never really thought much about my stand on immigration policy. But the idea that the Bible calls us to help the foreigner, the widow and orphan SEVERAL times in the Bible. That hits me. Hard. I usually shy away from topics like this, but for now I am processing what helping the “foreigner” means for me as an individual, as well as what it means for the USA as a country.

Ok ok, enough politics and controversial topics. On to something fun! This weekend I took the GRE (General Records Exam). Its a test like the SAT, that graduate schools look at to decide if you can can attend their university or not. I didn’t do especially well, but I didn’t bomb either, so thats a good thing! And I got to see my Ate Charisma and Jeff and Bella. It was wonderful!

And now to my favorite part of the week: local outreach! We had a great time this past week, here a summary in pictures:

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Whats next? …you don’t remember?

COSTA RICA!!! I leave on April 5th!! thats less than 2.5 weeks away!! I am sooooo excited!! Please pray for my team

  1. that God will guide us to the right ministry opportunities
  2. for finances. I have received amazing support for this trip so I will be able to pay for my part. Thanks so much TEAM BING. But my the other girls that are coming with me to Costa Rica still have a great financial need. Here are their websites

Liz Moss – http://sunshineandshenanigans.blogspot.com/

Lisa Postma – http://www.lisapostma.wordpress.com


One Comment on “urban ministry”

  1. Becca says:

    WAY COOL ROBBIE! I’m can’t believe you’ve only got 2.5 weeks until Costa Rica…Love you!!!!

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