child development

“A kid around one year old should be saying one word at a time. At two years old he or she should putting together two to three word phrases” – These are the kinds of things you learn in a psychology class on child development. It’s interesting information and super important for those of us who would like to do ministry with kids. My speaker this week, Leslie Freeman, gave a some of this kind of information from the point of view of attachment theory. But more importantly she gave us inspiration to learn about child development on our own.

How did Leslie get us interested learning about child development? She talked to us about how a lot of research in child development shows Biblical principles. I just loved hearing about how God’s truth is universal and secular research can show it. Its something I noticed alot in university, and it was really cool to hear from a speaker that focused on that for a week.

I’ve been racking my brain to think of one thing that Leslie taught us that really stuck out to me. But this week there wasn’t one piece of our lesson that stuck out to me, but rather the central theme of Leslie’s lectures. That our relationship with God is reflected in a parent-child relationship. This is such a basic concept, but when you study how a child develops it can be really mind-blowing.

What do I mean? Ok, so the closer a child is to his or her parent, the more he or she will model the behavior of the parent and take on the moral values of the parent. And isn’t that what we, as Christians, strive for. To take on more of the characteristics of Jesus? How do we do that? By spending more time with him! Maybe I’m making a huge deal about a fact that is so simple and basic, but it really excites me! I love to see how God created us with psychological principles that reflect his character. I’ve heard alot of Christians say negative things about psychology so it was fun to have a speaker that was using psychology to teach on ministry.

We are leaving around the first of April. Missing from this picture: staff- Rachel and Warner, the other Freeman kids - Kai, Ezra and Jude


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