character and nature

This week we had Scott Freeman speak about the character and nature of God, a topic we cover in DTS, so we shared him with the justice focused DTS that’s going on here right now (ok run-on sentance, whatever, I don’t care). He was by far, the most animated speaker we’ve had in this school. All of his stories were brought to life with velociraptor noises, shoes being kicked off mid-lesson, and other crazy antics.

Something that I just love is when God is speaking to me in my morning quiet time, and we talk about it later in class (its too common for this to be coincidence), and it happened twice this week! The first was on Monday, when it hit me that it was the first time in five years that I was single on Valentine’s Day. I talked to God that morning about how it felt kind of weird, not like super lonely or anything, just weird. It’s funny, because that day in class, Scott talked about all kinds of things about God’s character, but the thing I took from it was how much God loves me. It was so helpful on such an awkward day for me.

The next time was when we discussed something from the Old Testament. We talked about how God destroyed whole nations, kids and all. Why would he do that? Doesn’t he love them? We talked about how God destroyed the nation because they were so immoral, and the kids were being raised in such awful environments, they were going to be just the same, and it was actually sparing them from terrible lives. And even though he did this, he grieved for them. This really hit home for me, because I have been reading Isaiah, and it was saying the same thing, that even though these people were being destroyed it broke God’s heart – Isaiah 16 is about the destruction on Moab, and verse 11 says, “My heart laments for Moab like a harp, my inmost being for Kir Hareseth.” God used this to teach me about forgiveness this week. God has been showing me  how much he loves me, and how much he loves the people that are so sinful he needs to destroy them. It was almost impossible for me to hold a grudge against a friend that I had been holding for weeks. And after I forgave them in my heart, and asked for their forgiveness, it was like this amazing burden was lifted off of me, and I felt more peace than I’ve experienced in a long time.

On another note:

Outreach. The last part of a YWAM school, when you get to practice what you’ve learned. For this school I had two options: stay here in TJ and work with the ministries we have here, or go to Jaco, (pronounced Hako) Costa Rica and help our speakers this week and next, Scott and his wife Leslie, establish a ministry in the beach community there. What did I pick?

See that red star. Thats where I'm going. The red dot is San Jose, where there is a YWAM base two to three hours away.

Jaco, here I come!

Thats right. I’m moving to Costa Rica for a few months! I am so excited to help Scott and Leslie establish their ministry in Jaco. It is  a small beach community, known for its redlight district. In the past people have gone and developed relationships with the girls there, and I would love to help that happen in the future. There is also a nearby community of Nicaraguan refugees that Scott and Leslie would like to do ministry with.

If you want more information – please send me your email or snail mail address. I would love to send you a newsletter with more detailed information about my plans for this year.

And – just to make people jealous, here is a picture of the beach (from

The beach in Jaco. I know. I swear I didn't look up google images until after I decided to go there. I swear.


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