Migrant Camp

This week in my school we did something totally different. We went to a migrant camp, a place where people live for a few months, to 20 years, while working in the fields near Ensenada. They pay about 13 pesos a day to rent a room about the size of my parents upstairs bathroom (I don’t know how big that is sorry).

This camp is owned by a Christian man that knows my friend, Johnny. He asked if we could paint some rooms and build a new toilet, so of course we did! We also did a lesson and craft with the kids. You can check out pictures below:

So, what did I learn this week? Well – the school I’m doing is all about how to do ministry with kids. Not once in our school have we learned how to do a four-day outreach. We haven’t even gone over one-week outreaches. Thats because there is no quick fix for Children at Risk. We spent a couple days with some kids last week. The work we did is not going to change their lives. It sounds harsh, but thats just the truth.

We just have to be confident that God is doing work in that place. We may give a kid a hug, or even give a mom a Bible, but unless they are moved by God and someone is there to encourage them – it’s pointless. So what we physically did isn’t going to change anything, but what God is doing there, in the long run, can make dramatic differences in that place.


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