Staff Maintenance and Domains


shoeless for a day - to remember those who don't have shoes and pray for them... it was a cold cold day.



This week we had Ed and Kay Morales, and Phillipa speak to us about the different Domains that influence individuals and about staff maintenance. Ed and Kay have been hanging out with our school for the past few weeks, so when they got up in front to talk, they immediately had our attention our respect.

One quote that Phillipa said really got my attention, “God does not have an agenda for your life”. What? I was always brought up to think that God has a plan for each person. I was confused and honestly, really annoyed. I didn’t want to change my thoughts on how God relates to us. Since I was in high school, I’ve tried to seek God, and submit my life into his hands. I’m not saying this was wrong to do. But, as I processed what she said, I realized – she’s right. I had gotten caught up, thinking that my life was ONLY to serve God, and that the only thing that mattered was to be used by Him. But something that God has been teaching me is that I was created for relationship with Him, not just to be used by Him. God knows me, my particular giftings and my talents- but that is not why He loves me. Those things, are not what he’s concerned with. He just wants my friendship. Of course, it’s good if I use my giftings and talents for his purposes, but whether I do or don’t, he still loves me! How wonderful is that?!

Another thing that really hit me this week was when we learned about staff maintenance, and they stressed the importance of a Sabbath rest. We learned about how important it is to rest when we need rest. I like to go – go – go. But its really healthy to take a day a week and not do anything just rest. This was really good for me to remember. We also talked about how its good and healthy to pursue our hobbies. Sometimes I feel bad, like I don’t have time to do things I really enjoy, like read a novel or something. But in order for us to effective and do ministry in on a long-term basis, we need to take time to enjoy other areas of life. These ideas were weird for me and hard to process at first but it was also just so freeing!

This week I had such a great time at outreach in Zona Norte. I spent alot of time with one young girl in particular, and during every game she wanted to hold my hand! (She’s the one in the pictures below) It was so sweet! I met her little brother and her mother as well, and I’ve made an effort to pray for them this week. I am praying that during this school I can continue to make connections with people like this sweet family in the area, and eventually make a significant impact in their lives. I’m learning in this school that it takes more than just a couple weeks of ministry do this, so I don’t know if I can really make that kind of impact without making a longer commitment to Tijuana. Please pray for me, that I will know if it’s best for me to really plug in here, or to go to Costa Rica for my internship after lecture phase and try to help a family start their ministry in Jaco.

As you can see in the pictures below, on Tuesday this week we had a no-shoes day. We wanted to remember to pray forthose who do not have shoes. My feet were so cold. All day. It reminded me constantly to be in prayer for people, like the kids in Haiti that my friend Andrea told me about, that don’t have shoes, so when they get cuts on their feet they get infections that take so much longer to heal.

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