project planning

Some people are good at application, others are good at theory. I always thought that I was good at theories. I like to learn how to understand how things work. I was great at high school, I got straight “A’s”, because I could memorize things and spit them back out. When I got to college, I had issues at first, because you have to not just learn theories, but learn how to apply them.

I have been learning that I actually do like application through this school. This week we had Dave Swann, a YWAMer from England that lives in South Africa, speak to us about planning projects. Half of the class time was spent applying the things he taught us, like how to do research and how plan a project. Surprisingly, it was so much fun!! I just loved thinking about who you would ask which types of questions, what kind of questions are appropriate to ask in Tijuana, verses other places = learning how to do research! I also had so much learning how to use the information you get from talking to the people you want to ministry with to form a project. It got me so excited and now I’m dying to get out and do it!

We did a mock project based on the ministry that we do Monday nights in Zona Norte. We had a were given a structure for organizing our project to create a ministry that is purposeful. We did this in a group setting. Groups are so fun, because you get to know people really well, who is the creative thinker, who is more of a realist, and who is organized.  This may come as a huge shock to most of you, but I found out this week that I’m actually pretty good at organizing information putting our project together in the structure that we learned. Not only was I good at it, I LOVED doing it!!

This mock project got me so excited about working in Zona Norte. I love this part of the city, because it is broken, and as I do outreach on Monday night and prayerwalks on Wednesday night, God has been filling me with a hope and a love for the city.

Here are some pictures that my good friend took at the border between US and Mexico. He has a sick website that you all should check out with more amazing pictures and info about them –

The crosses represent the people who have passed away trying to cross the border

The end of the Republic of Mexico

The border of the US and Mexico in the Pacific Ocean.


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