why we are here. a framework for action.

The first week of my children risk school is drawing to a close.  As I look back at this week, I’m emotionally exhausted, but excited for what lies ahead.  Our speaker for the week was Janna Moats, the founder of the Woman and Children’s Advocacy Centre in Portland Washington (www.wcacentre.org) and her topic was “why we are here: a framework for action”. Janna had us make a poster that would creatively answer various questions. These questions were about our hope and vision, and basically how we see ourselves in regards to ministry with kids. I struggled hard with it! I hadn’t really thought about alot of the questions, so it was a very challenging project!

During lectures we watched videos about an African man named William Kamkwamba. He learned how to make windmills through reading books when he was 14 years old. This boy had dropped out of school (after learning how to read) and borrowed books from the library about windmills and physics. This really impressed me, because it made me think about how many people there are out there in the world with so much potential to do great things, if they only have access to education.

One of the most significant things I learned this week was in an article by Steve Bartel. It was about motivations for working with children at risk. According to this article, the most long-lasting motivation is to bring Glory to God. This is something that I am still processing, but I really appreciate this perspective and it something I plan to keep in mind through out this school, and most likely for the rest of my life.

Well, for those of you have helped me to be here, both financially and by supporting me in prayer: Thank you for being a part of my life. Through this blog, you can walk along side me though out this school as I write weekly summaries about what I have learned about it in class. By Monday night I will have updated my other website so be sure to check it out next week! http://www.riskschildrenface.wordpress.com


One Comment on “why we are here. a framework for action.”

  1. You have so much to offer. Glad that Janna challenged you to think about what you have to bring. Maybe you can do ministry that is focused on seeing that children have books to learn how to make more windmills 🙂

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