Tron and Children at Risk.

This week I became a student once again. As most of you know, I’m doing a Children at Risk School (a ywam university course – In this school we study children, and yesterday we just barely touched on the child’s relationship with his or her parents.

So last night I should have been a good student and started my homework, but instead I watched a movie, and the themes of school followed me! (ps- James this is your fault for telling me how good the movie was)

What movie? Tron of course, did you not see the title of this blog? Tron was all about this young boy, and his father and how all they’ve wanted for the past fifteen years is to be together! It shows how their relationship has issues because he has been away, and how desperately that boy needed his dad, and visa versa.

So, yeah, this school is going to mean alot of homework. Part of the homework will be posted on a website! So keep your eyes open for a weekly update on what I’m learning and processing in class. I will also have two new tabs, one with a link to a website that will share information about risks children face, the other will have a link to page on that site with an article regarding injustice issues and children.

My favorite part of the movie (and every movie) was the love between Sam and Quorra


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