…baby its cold outside…

“I haven’t been this cold in a YEAR!” My sisters keep laughing at me but honestly, I cannot believe how cold it gets here in New England! I just walked from Beacon St. to the Pru in Boston and I all I could think was, why am I not wearing a hat?!

So- here I am sitting in one of the two starbucks in the B & N at the Pru… I’m supposed to be applying to grad school. I’m not going to lie, I’m so overwhelmed. My top school requires five one page essays. I haven’t written that much in years! The only writing I do lately is this blog – its about one or two paragraphs, once a month!

Ok, well, Becca’s (my big sister) meeting back up with me soon, I shall attempt at one of these essays: Summerize your work and/or volunteer experiences that relate to your interest in graduate social work education.

Wish me luck!


One Comment on “…baby its cold outside…”

  1. Rachel says:

    Like it girl.. miss you!

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