…here we come a wassailing…

Don’t worry, I had to look up wassailing too. I’ll save you the work though: It means caroling. No I haven’t gone caroling yet this year, but I did listen to the non-stop Christmas music station when I was in CA yesterday (96.5 for those of you in San Diego). I love Christmas time and Christmas music. Even the weird wassailing song.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything new, and to be honest I haven’t done heaps of new exciting things since my last post. SO- I will tell you about my next season of life: when I come back to Mexico after Christmas!

Alot of you know this, but tor those of you who I do not speak with often, or do not receive my newsletter- I am doing a YWAM school from January to the end of March. It is called the Children at Risk School-http://childrenatriskschool.wordpress.com/. I am really excited to learn more about child development and advocacy from a Christian and Biblical standpoint. I believe that this step is crucial for me, because I plan on going on to graduate school to get a Masters of Social Work either next fall or in 2012. I would love to go into the next phase of my life: school and a most likely career in social work, with a strong Christ-Centered perspective.

So some of you looked at the school’s website and noticed that there are two parts to the school. Lecture Phase and Outreach Phase. I am definitely doing the Lecture Phase, and I am thinking about doing the Outreach Phase, as that part is optional. As I’ve thought / prayed about doing this school two obstacles have stood in my way.

1- I have alot of responsibility as the Personal Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer- Brett Curtis. When the school starts I will still have 2 months left of my 2 year committment.

2- $$$$$

I was really worried about Brett having the help he needs if I were to take a couple months off to do a school. So, being a good responsible Christian girl, I prayed that God would make a way for me to do the school and not neglect my responsibilities. And Brett is very creative, he suggested that I could do the school and help him during my “work duties” (Every YWAM student has to do about 10 + hours a week of work duties, helping out the base somehow). And then I thought about it more, and I realized that if I am going to do this school, I should really do the outreach as well. I do not want to just learn ABOUT working with Children at Risk. I want to DO it! I needed to see if this is something I could really commit my life to. So, being a good Christian girl I prayed God would make a way for Brett to be ok with me taking off for a couple months. This was scary. I didn’t know how I was going to tell him about my desire to do an outreach. He tells me almost everyday how much he appreciates the work I do and what a help I am. And then, with in days of feeling this way, Brett asks me to bring someone to his office, he wants to talk to her. I go to get her and she has no idea what he wants to talk to her about. This was weird. So she’s in Brett’s office and I’m trying not eavesdrop, but it sounds like he’s recruiting her. Well, I started getting curious and listening. He was asking her to pray about coming back to Tijuana to be his assistant. Talk about an answer to prayer!! The next step was for her to accept. She prayed about it for weeks and finally made the decision yesterday. She’s coming back to Tijuana in January to work with Brett!! When she told me this morning I ran to her and gave a the biggest hug ever. She is very much an answer to my prayer. In fact she’s even more than that, because she is such a wonderful, hardworking, smart, bilingual girl, I didn’t imagine we would find someone so perfect for the job.

So that was my answer to obstacle #1.

On to #2, and to be honest: the main reason I’m writing an update. I need $2000 to do the lecture part of my school and I will most likely need another $1500 to $3000 when it comes time for outreach, depending on where I go. Friends, Family. I can’t do this alone. I’ll perfectly honest with you. I feel kinda awkward asking for money, but I have confidence that it is a part of missions (1 Cor 9:3-14 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1%20Corinthians%209:3-14&version=MSG).

Thank you so much to those of you who support me, and I’m didn’t say it enough in my last newsletter.

And to those of you in Connecticut: I come home Sunday!!! YAY! I can’t wait to see my family!

This is a picture of me and my friend Rachel. She is going to staff the Children at Risk School. She is a great friend and I can't wait to see her in January!


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