Full time in Tijuana + a big event + family visiting = a fun / busy life

Yeah, you read that right.I know I’ve been crying wolf for a few months now, and most of you never believed it would happen, but I moved all my stuff to Tijuana two weeks ago and I am now official YWAM Tijuana staff.

Its a 30 minute drive from the YWAM office in San Diego to the campus in Tijuana, across the most trafficked border in the world. Its not far in distance, and yet life in Tijuana is soooo far from life in San Diego. I went from sharing a room with one girl to sharing with three! -but I also get to save heaps of money on food and utilities (its added into my staff fees, and I’ll be paying much less).

So check out my pictures, I took the one of Darlene at our YWAM 50th celebration. We got the privilege of hearing her and Loren speak to us for three days straight. Combine that with Kenny Peavy and Steve Law leading worship and it was an AMAZING time. There are also when my family visited. I loved seeing the Bonvinos but I miss them already!

PS- the fish eye pictures were taken by my dear friend Chelsea Curtis, the rest were taken on my droid, so thats why the quality is so drastically different…


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