Fever Pitch

Yeah, thats me watching the Sox kick some Angel butt! I know that many of my friends and family that are reading this will not appreciate too much pro Red Sox chatter (love you Mommy), so I’ll spare you the details about how amazing it was seeing the Red Sox win in person. Just know that I had a great time hanging out with Jo Torrey (not Joe Torrey, Jo, the girl from Connecticut), and yeah, the Sox won. Did I mention who won that game?

So what else is new in my life? It has been such a busy summer for my department. We’ve had heaps of visitors, and still more to come before the end of summer. I get to orchestrate their itineraries, make sure they have transportation to get from one campus to another and all that jazz. All of you from home who are reading this may be slightly shocked, because you know that organization is not a natural gift of mine. It’s one of many¬†responsibilities in my ministry that has stretched me and helped me to grow tons. This type of organization has been a step out of my comfort zone but suprisingly enough, something I really enjoy!

Well, I don’t generally take pictures myself at the computer, so here are some of the wicked fun baseball game I went to on Monday!

PS- All the pics were taken by my buddy David (www.davidinreallife.com)


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