Tijuana during the week, San Diego on the weekend

July 25, 2010

“Robbie, where do you live?”

I hear that question almost everyday! So here’s the deal: I work and live in Tijuana for the majority of the week, but I still stay here in “sunny” San Diego on the weekend. I will likely move to Tijuana full-time in September but until then I will enjoy the rest of my summer at the beaches of San Diego on my days off.

Are you wondering what summer in San Diego looks like?

Well, on the forth of July I went to Coronado Island to see the fire works. There were five different fireworks displays downtown that I was able to see at once. It was wonderful! If you want to see some pictures check out my friend David’s site, he took tons! http://www.davidinreallife.com

Last night I went downtown to meet up with a friend from Connecticut that was in town. We were going there for the frozen yogurt, but we stumbled upon a SyFy party. No, no, we didn’t go in or anything, we waited outside and saw heaps of famous people on the redcarpet! This weekend is the Comic Convention, so seeing Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), Kevin Zorbo (Hercules),  and the cast of Mythbusters wasn’t a huge surprise. But who knew that the cast of Glee and 30 Rock would be in town this weekend?

Tomorrow I am going to see the Sox play in Anaheim. I am so, so, so, so excited!! I get to see my good friend Joanna, and a baseball game. Does life get much better?

Tijuana Beach

A 10 minute walk from our Tijuana Del Mar Campus


2 Comments on “Tijuana during the week, San Diego on the weekend”

  1. megan82marie says:

    Great blog Robbie! Very YOU! I’d say! : ) I hope that you are doing well!! Looking forward to seeing you at the beginning of September!

  2. Jessi says:

    love the new blog! so glad you updated ..as much as we do talk…i still wasn’t 100% clear on where you live! haha A permanent move sounds good AFTER the summer so you can still enjoy the playa. xoxox

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